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Want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, tricks, and tips for email and digital marketing? You’ve come to the right place! emfluence offers events throughout the year that are designed to give you the knowledge you need to be the rockstar marketer you already are. Sign up for one of our quarterly Beer + Learns, our And Then Some Conference, and more below.


What Gets Measured Gets Done: How to Set Goals and KPIs for Your Campaigns

March 21,
Beer + Learn

Our first digital marketing beer + learn of the year is all about learning how to track and measure campaign success. On March 21st, join us for a presentation from emfluence’s Customer Success Director Joe Ramsey on what to track, how to measure, and when to declare a marketing campaign a success (get to know him here).

Bring your questions, bring your friends, and definitely don’t bring a ruler. We’ll provide cocktails (yes, beer, too) and snacks, and if there’s basketball to be watched, we’ll have that on as well (except for the parts when Joe presents).




Everything You Need to Know about Email Design

June 20,
Beer + Learn

What’s the right size for an email image header? How many call-to-action buttons is too many? How much text should I plan on including in the body of my next marketing email?

Our second Beer + Learn of 2019 will focus on what you need to know about email design as you’re planning out your email marketing campaigns. Come hear from our email design experts on what they’ve seen work–and not work–in results-driven email.



The And Then Some Conference

August 23,

The And Then Some Conference is the only conference in the Kansas City area that’s dedicated to email marketing and marketing automation strategy. Expect a day full of email expertise, real-life case studies of marketing automation in action, and nationally recognized keynote speakers.



Casting a Smarter Net: How to Leverage Programmatic and Paid Media Advertising

October 10,
Beer + Learn

Looking to uplevel your audience targeting in 2020? This Beer + Learn is for you! Join us for a hands-on session to learn the basics of applying targeted digital advertising to reach the exact set of job titles, regions, revenue size, skillsets, and more that you want in your sales pipeline.



Get Savvy with CRM Strategy

November 7th,
Beer + Learn

You know that CRM system is a great place to start if you’re ready to dive into true campaign segmentation. Join us for a session dedicated to all things CRM for marketers–from how to power your email efforts to account-based marketing, running custom audiences, and more.

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