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The Future of Email Part One: Lessons Learned from 50 Years of Email

Jan. 12th

Featuring emfluence’s Cory LaGrange, Women of Email Co-Founder Jen Capstraw and, Email on Acid’s Betsy Grondy

Email marketing has come a long way since the first spam email landed in inboxes back in 1978. 50 years in, email marketers have since learned how to leverage the inbox as a relationship tool, where brands can communicate timely, personalized, and relevant parcels of information to the people most interested in their message.

We covered lessons we’ve learned about email over the years as well as shared information on email’s journey to the present.



The Future of Email Part Two: How to Stop Email Disasters Before They Strike

Feb. 16th

Featuring emfluence’s David Cacioppo and Cory LaGrange, and Email on Acid’s Geoff Traub

Ever wish you had a time traveling DeLorean to go back and fix costly email errors? Everyone makes mistakes, but smart email teams know how to stop them from ever happening.

For part two of our series, we focused on all the things that can go wrong with your email campaigns and how to plan, test and mitigate common mistakes.




5 Campaigns Manufacturing Marketers Don’t Want to Miss

Feb. 24th

Featuring emfluence’s Natalie Jackson with Stoneridge Software

Using real-life examples from emfluence’s manufacturing clients, marketing automation strategy geek Natalie Jackson will walk through the top 5 marketing campaigns you don’t want to miss this year. Great for Microsoft Dynamics marketers.




The Future of B2B Marketing: What COVID Changed, and What It Didn’t

Feb. 25th

Featuring emfluence’s Natalie Jackson, Women of Email Co-Founder Jen Capstraw, Avanade’s Mishel Justesen, and Marketing CoPilot’s Marie Wiese.

After a year of marketing chaos, we’re pulling together B2B marketing experts in data, email, marketing automation, and content to discover what tactics have been forever changed by COVID, and which ones B2B marketers can count on for success in the new year. This is a great session for Microsoft Dynamics marketers!




Email Strikes Back: Findings from our 2020 Email Benchmarks Report

Feb. 25th

As marketers lean heavier on email marketing, join marketing automation geek Natalie Jackson and emfluence email strategists Jana Hainey and Kennedy Holmes for a discussion on what 2020 taught us about email, how to interpret last year’s metrics into this year’s strategy, and much, much more.





The Future of Email Part Three: Take Your Email from Skateboard to Hoverboard

March 23rd

Featuring emfluence’s Natalie Jackson and Cory LaGrange, and Email on Acid’s Amanda Bacher

In Part Three of our webinar series with our friends at Email on Acid, we discussed ways to leverage automation to supercharge your email strategy. From systems and processes, data integrations, variables, CDP’s and more, we talked about ways you can automate, personalize and leverage your data for the next level of email awesome.





The And Then Some Conference

On Demand

The And Then Some Conference is the only conference in the Kansas City area that’s dedicated to email marketing and marketing automation strategy. Last year’s conference featured FIVE learning tracks (B2B, B2C, COVID-19, General, and emfluence Marketing Platform). It’s free, and still available on demand.




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