A like is not a dollar, and neither is a share. That means determining the value of your social media strategy isn’t as simple as gathering up the number of likes a post has generated—social media marketing is part and parcel of a good content marketing strategy, and like a good content marketing strategy, your social media marketing efforts should be tied to business goals and objectives.

On an average day, around 70% of Americans use social media to share and read news content, engage with friends, learn about new products, and explore the world. And consumers are spending lots of time on social media sites as well—3/4 of Facebook users log in at least once a day, and about 60% of Instagram users do the same. With emfluence’s Social Media Strategy and Consulting services, we’ll help you determine which social media platforms can help you achieve your goals, what kinds of content you need to create to achieve those goals, and how to best engage with your target audiences online.


The Social Media Strategy Process

Before you can establish your social media marketing strategy, there are a few questions we like to start with:

What are the key performance indicators that apply to your social media goals?

How are your competitors using social media?

What opportunities are there for your brand in the social space?

Which social channels best fit your business niche and marketing goals?

What are the best practice strategies to deploy on those channels?

Once you decide to move forward with a social media marketing strategy, we will audit your existing social media efforts and interview your stakeholders to help you answer the questions above. From there, we’ll build out a strategy that includes a critical analysis of competitors in your space, breaking down their strengths, weaknesses, and their overall approaches to each channel. And since social media can be a space for unique engagement, we’ll help you come up with ideas beyond the post-and-share strategies of yesteryear.


The emfluence Style of Social Media Strategy

Social Channel Monitoring

Yes, social media marketing can be time consuming. But regular—and rapid—engagement is key. We’ll help you monitor your brand across social media channels for positive or negative mentions, opportunities to jump in on a conversation (based on keywords deemed important to your brand), influencers and more.


Social Media Strategy

Like a content strategy, your social media strategy should tie back to overall business goals. Is your purpose impressions? Shares? Clicks? Buys? Whatever your purpose, we’ll help you get there. And if you don’t know your purpose yet, we can help with that, too. 


Social Media Management

Need someone to take the reins? emfluence can build, promote, engage, and track on your behalf across the social media accounts that have the biggest impact on your brand. In short, yes, we can do the social media marketing for you.


Now What?

Social media marketing is more than a tweet or a post to Facebook—it deserves a strategy all its own. Learn more about emfluence’s approach to social media strategy and marketing services, or get started with your next campaign, by filling out the form below or contacting us at expert@emfluence.com.

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