Our success and yours hinges on developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy that fuels sustainable growth. A good digital marketing strategy can support growth and help you retain your existing customers, but you don’t want just any digital marketing strategy—you need one specially tailored to banks, credit unions, and financial institutions.


Digital Marketing for Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions

emfluence has a storied history of working in financial marketing. With our experience across dozens of financial brands, a good financial marketing strategy for digital communications should include:


Generating Leads Faster and Easier

We not only build websites, we make yours more effective at transforming visitors into qualified leads that become profitable customers.  We go beyond views, clicks, opens, and conversions.  We use responsive web design, SEO, and pay-per-click advertising to develop highly effective acquisition programs with strong bottom line results.


Cross-Selling to Increase Customer Stickiness

Tapping the strengths of digital technology, we create and deploy on-brand email campaigns that are segmented, targeted, and personalized to trigger one-to-one conversations and endgame engagement.  It’s a matter of using marketing automation to listen and individually respond to each customer’s online behavior.


Automating the Onboarding Experience

Automated onboarding eliminates the time you spend shuffling forms.  It also reduces errors and frees up customer service staff to provide truly personal attention when customers ask for it.  Automation also builds new customer confidence by providing better “first” experiences and giving you opportunities to start cross-selling from the first customer contact.

Want a sneak peek at a successful customer onboarding email series? You can download a template here.



emfluence understands your requirements for confidentiality and data security in all that we do and develop for you. We’re experienced digital partners for today’s savvy financial services marketer, and we’ll ensure what you build meets the security and privacy requirements you need to protect your information.



What We Recommend


Content Strategy

46% of consumers think about switching or opening an account a full two to three months before they take action. This is where your content strategy can set you apart from your competition: if you’re creating content that educates and engages would-be customers, you have an advantage in the sales process. A good content strategy can help you educate your existing customers as well, and ultimately allow you to create stickiness that may prevent them from leaving in the first place.


Email and Marketing Automation

Did you know that only one third of banks and credit unions use marketing automation to engage with their customer base? Email remains a viable and future proof channel for financial marketing, but we’re not talking about mass sends to your full email list. To get the results you want from email, you’ll need to execute based on personalization, segmentation, and a clear understanding of your customer journey. We’re talking automated series for new client onboarding, cross-sell campaigns based on what your clients already buy from you, and lead nurture campaigns that understand exactly what the prospect is searching for.


Customer Surveys and User Generated Content

As more customer communications move online, your customers expect personalization, care, trust and privacy. If community banks and credit unions hope to challenge those big banks, they’ll need a strong content strategy and an engine to deliver useful content to their customers. A great place to start is by building a user generated content guide for community banks or for your credit union.


Social Media

Social networks are the ideal ad platforms for financial institutions. Through smart, targeted spend you can reach large audiences of existing members and potential members consistently and efficiently. Social media is where your Financial Institution has the ability to meet your customers and talk WITH them – not TO them.


Search and Paid Media

The average consumer looks at an average of nine sources before making a financial purchase decision. In order to be in that consideration set of sources, you’ll need to invest in the searchability of your website. Focus on local SEO for your branches and service locations, generate more reviews to increase searchability, and be sure your branch directory listings are up-to-date so that customers know exactly where to find you.


Website Design and Development

Have you considered ADA compliance for your website? What about security? Or friendly user experience? Whether you’re in need of a custom development or just an audit of your accessibility, we’ve got you covered.


Now What?

Want to hear our financial marketing stories? Get in touch and see how we can help you by filling out the form below or contacting us at expert@emfluence.com.

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