Chris Zeller

Chris Zeller

Lead Software Engineer

As lead software engineer, Chris Zeller leads development projects on and is the main architect of the emfluence Marketing Platform. Chris was the first web developer at emfluence, and he has been with the company since 2003. As the emfluence Marketing Platform has grown from email to social media, surveys, landing pages, forms and more, Chris has been there every step of the way. Chris is far from a computer nerd, and he even played wide receiver for the Northwest Missouri State Bearcats during his college days. While he is very busy at work turning a humble email platform into a digital marketing powerhouse, he still still makes time for his wife and four girls at home. A devoted husband and father, Chris also enjoys serving in his church, playing softball, and working on his golf game whenever he gets a chance.


Go-To Karaoke Song:

You’d have to pay Chris to sing karaoke. A lot.

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