This is an excellent case study from our friends at SEOMoz: The client did everything right with 301 redirects on their website relaunch. Maybe a little “too right” and ended up having to be flexible and make some quick fixes. Even when the SEO team and developers implemented everything perfectly, there were still issues and unknowns.

This article is a great tool to show your team how important it is to bring in an SEO voice early and often in every website relaunch project, even if you’re not changing your domain name and even if you’re not planning on doing ongoing SEO efforts.

Check out this must read for anyone involved in website relaunch projects, from your internal project managers to your website developers to the department head:

If you have questions after reading or just want to talk to an SEO Strategist about the benefits of SEO during website relaunch and what to expect – both time and money – reach out to us at expert (at) emfluence (dot) com.


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