On May 4th, 2020 Google announced a broad core algorithm update, as they do a few times a year. This newest update is called the May 2020 Core Update. These updates typically take a couple of weeks to fully roll out, and on May 18th, 2020 Google announced the May 2020 Core Update was fully rolled out.

What is a broad core algorithm update?

A few times a year Google will make “significant” updates to the search algorithms that may be noticed by webmasters. The goal with these updates is to ensure users are presented the most relevant and trustworthy results for their search query.

While Google typically releases one or more algorithm changes a day – these core updates are expected to be more noticeable.

You can read more about these core updates on Google’s webmasters blog.

Our philosophy on core algorithm updates

We want to be aware of the update and monitor site performance, but there is no reason to immediately panic. We have all been working to ensure your site is as relevant and trustworthy as possible for your audience. All Google wants to do is make sure they show the searcher the most relevant and trustworthy results.

If you have noticeably been hit by a core update – it probably isn’t just one issue that needs to be fixed. There is likely a combination of many issues to solve – technical SEO problems, low content quality, poor user experience issues, deceptive marketing techniques, etc. If you think your site fits into this category, we’ll want to take a step back and take a broader view of how your site overall could be improved.

The impact we’ve seen

We haven’t seen any signs of our current clients being directly impacted by the May 2020 Core Update.

Organic traffic and conversions have shown growth comparing the two-week period before and after May 4th – but this coincides with user behavior changes as coronavirus restrictions start to soften in some areas of the country.

Ranking fluctuations seem normal. Many clients have seen positive patterns in their rankings – but I believe this more impacted by the continuous optimizations versus a direct impact from an algorithm update.

SEO is a long-term investment. If you are always trying to make your site as relevant and trustworthy as possible, there is no reason to immediately panic. We are monitoring the results of the May 2020 Core Update and will publish any relevant updates if we see any major shifts.

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