Ok, as part of your Pre-Flight routine you’ve previewed your email in the 7 most important email clients.  Now it’s time to see if they’re getting past the guard dogs, aka SPAM filters.  Good code and good design are important, but not if nobody sees your campaign.

Knowing which Spam filters are important and how to get through them and into the inbox has a direct effect on your ROI. Here are 11 of the most important Spam filters to be sure you can pass before deploying your email campaign (in no particular order):

McAfee Security Center 2008
Norton Internet Security 2008
Outlook 2003 & 2007 Junk filter settings

Many ESPs, emfluence included, and deliverability experts like ReturnPath give marketers an opportunity to Pre-Flight campaigns through these important Spam filters and provide feedback on why your campaign may not be getting through. Included with a Pass/Fail notice, you’ll receive an indication of which words in your campaign carry the most Spam weight. Having trouble getting through Postini? Change a few of the highest weight words and retest. It’s that simple and the results can be dramatic.

It’s somewhat unfortunate that you can’t always use the words that make the most sense to help sell your product or service, but it’s reality. Smart marketers will recognize this and do what it takes to get to the inbox.

For more about what Spam Filter Check can provide for your email campaign, including a preview of the integrated tool in the emfluence Emailer, visit emfluence.com.


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