What’s the point of running multiple online marketing campaigns if you can’t get great reporting and analytics? None, of course. The emfluence Marketing Platform provides you with the tools to report on email marketing, social media posts, campaign reporting, and traffic to your website to help you evaluate the success of your digital marketing efforts. Want a report delivered to your inbox at a certain time each day? We can do that, too.



email reporting


Email Reporting

Once you’ve sent your campaigns into the world, you’ll need a way to measure their success. Not sure what to look for? The emfluence Marketing Platform offers pre-built reports, or you can create your own with:




landing page reporting


Landing Page Reports

How many people visited your landing page? You can generate reports to help you determine:




survey reporting


Survey Reports

Gather the results of your survey into a single report to identify trends, preferences, or potential anomalies, including:




social media reporting


Social Media Reports

Just want to focus on the social side of things? You can run reports based on how successful your social posts have been.





Custom Reports

Need a report that covers all this and more? You can build your own reports and even schedule automatically delivery to multiple people. Select from:



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