The emfluence Marketing Platform is designed to accommodate your data–wherever you may store it. That’s where our ability to integrate with a wide range of technologies comes in. We work with the best technologies around to help you create effective online campaigns that can edge out your competition.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365

Our integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available to emfluence clients upon request. This integration is compatible with Dynamics CRM/365 and includes:





Our standard integration with Salesforce is available to emfluence clients upon request. This integration includes:





emfluence’s publicly available Zap allows clients to connect their emfluence Marketing Platform with dozens of other digital platforms. Easily connect systems like EventBrite to your account to automatically import new event registrants into emfluence Groups, then send automatic email communications to them via our Workflow creation tool.



API and Custom Integrations

Regardless of how and where you store your data, there is most likely a secure method of automatically synchronizing your data with the emfluence Marketing Platform.


The emfluence Marketing Platform API enables you to connect our platform to your application. Whether you want to sync data to an analytics dashboard, pull lead information out of a custom web application and into an emfluence Group, or set up a two-way data share that helps you accomplish your unique marketing goals, our API is available.


Need help navigating the API? Our team of strategists and architects can help outline and execute the best solution for you. Learn more about our API here.



Nifty Imagesniftyimages

Create dynamic countdown timers to develop urgency in your emails, or leverage live social media feeds to keep your email recipients up-to-date on the latest posts on your feed using the Nifty Images integration, all through the drag-and-drop email composer.



WordPress Plugin

Easily add any number of widgetized forms with our standardized WordPress widget that can be easily configured and modified for your WordPress website. Each widget can have different input fields and add contacts to different contact groups. Download the latest version here.



Email on Acid

Email on AcidEmail on Acid is an email content producer’s dream come true. Offering dozens of nearly real time renderings of email campaigns across a range of desktop, browser based and mobile email clients, Email on Acid previews gives you the confidence that you emails will look as they were intended to when they hit the inbox.


Email on Acid also helps predict whether or not an email campaign will ever make it to the inbox, or if it will get trapped somewhere in the spam-filtering ecosystem. With a pre-flight check, you can leverage this service as part of your everyday campaign management without ever leaving the emfluence Marketing Platform. Get rapid feedback on whether your campaign is likely to clear desktop, ISP and gateway or firewall level spam filtering.




ReturnPath is number one when it comes to providers of deliverability monitoring and ISP whitelisting services. Our direct relationship with ReturnPath allows our clients to take advantage of comprehensive seed list management and inbox placement monitoring. The result? emfluence clients have access to hundreds of seed email list across a global array of domains. Better still, this service comes standard with all emfluence Marketing Platform accounts. And, because emfluence is a Referral Partner for Return Path, our clients receive instant whitelisting when you apply for ReturnPath’s industry leading service.




Manage multiple location listings as they appear across dozens of sites with just one log in through our Yext integration. Check in on your location listings with a free scan at




Integrate your email send data to your TapClicks dashboard for improved reporting on all your digital marketing campaigns. Learn more about TapClicks here:



emfluence is proud to be a long-time member of the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC).The ESPC was formed in 2002 to help fight spam, educate members on best practices, law and industry developments and to protect email as a viable and essential communications tool. The group’s mission is to:


1. Advocate on behalf of email senders, providers, and other digital marketers operating globally in the online, mobile and social media environments in favor of global laws and self-regulatory efforts that balance consumer protection and business innovation;
2. Educate our membership on current and emerging business and legal developments affecting our membership; and
3. Lead the industry by continuing to develop and refine best practices that foster innovation, industry growth, and consumer trust.

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