Creating an email shouldn’t be the most difficult thing on your plate. Our the emfluence Marketing Platform allows you to create beautiful, personalized emails in an intuitive workflow. Deliver a monthly newsletter, automate multiple campaigns or launch a new email marketing strategy.




Pre-flight Rendering and SPAM Filter Checks

Know exactly how your email will render in all major email clients using our out-of-the-box Litmus integration. Plus, review SPAM warnings and correct deliverability issues before you send your emails.




Email Marketing Template Builder

Design is as powerful as copy. The emfluence Marketing Platform enables you to build your own beautiful–and responsive–email templates to reuse as often as you’d like. Create dozens of options for everyone to use, or make unique templates for individuals.



Other Email Marketing Features Include:


It all sounds so easy, and it is.

But getting set up can be overwhelming. Don’t worry: all emfluence email marketing clients receive email account setup services, including:


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