Full Stack PHP / LAMP Stack Software Engineer

The Senior Developer will be responsible for leading the architectural design, development and implementation of client projects including but not limited to web sites, e-commerce sites, CMS solutions, custom web-based applications, micro services and infrastructure.

Essential Duties

  • Design, develop, debug and support web applications and their infrastructure
  • Use creativity to innovate new products (plugins, modules, themes, apps) to enhance public and administrative user experience
  • Keep up with new Internet standards and web technologies
  • Ensure applications produced satisfy both client and emfluence functional requirements, quality and timeline
  • Work effectively with the other emfluence team members (such as PM’s, QA’s, SEM’s, and of course other devs) and occasionally collaborate with client teams
  • Produce material to support technical documentation, including, code documentation
  • Create technical design documents from business and technical requirements, and describe levels of effort involved
  • Act in a stewardship capacity for the Company, work as a functional member of the team, self-direct and self-regulate your work-day


  • A minimum of six years in the field or in a related area, or suitable combination of education and relevant experience preferred
  • Expertise in working with PHP, MySQL and Linux
  • Very strong experience with at least one common PHP based CMS or framework: WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, etc, and that framework’s code standards
  • Proficiency with common front-end scripting technologies: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, as well as common parts of the ecosystem like jQuery, SASS/LESS, gulp/grunt, etc
  • Healthy working knowledge of version control and automated testing processes
  • Understanding of machine interface technologies like XML, JSON and REST API’s
  • At least passing experience with at least 1 of the popular frontend frameworks (Angular, React, Vue, Backbone, etc.)
  • At least basic familiarity with at least 1 of the large cloud hosting ecosystems (AWS, Google, Azure, etc)
  • At least basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), marketing (SEM) and web accessibility;

We are really serious about promoting an atmosphere that encourages, includes and fully utilizes the talents of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Our diversity encompasses a variety of characteristics, including sex, age, race, color, national origin, religious preference or other beliefs, disabilities, sexual orientation, marital, family or military statuses, education, background and culture.

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