Don’t miss your chance to master marketing automation by getting your emfluence Marketing Platform Certification! We offer emfluence Marketing Platform Certification both in-person at our offices in downtown Kansas City and online.


Online Certification

You can now sign up for emfluence Marketing Platform Certification online! Our online Certification course allows you to work at your own speed (don’t worry, we’re still here to help if you need us). You can get started with online Certification here:


In-Person Certification

Our full-day certification classes are designed to help you maximize the emfluence Marketing Platform and its features. Whether you’re just getting started or have been using the emfluence Marketing Platform for several years, our certification classes will arm you with out-of-the-box campaigns, sample use cases, and best practices for strategizing your digital marketing campaigns.

Choose between Basic Certification (for getting started) or Advanced Certification, with full-day tracks for marketers.

Due to the pandemic, we are not currently offering in-person Certification at this time.

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Types of emfluence Marketing Platform Certification

Basic Training

Basic Training is a standard 90-minute, hands-on training in your emfluence Marketing Platform account. Basic Training helps you and your users get the lay of the land, so expect to learn where features are located and the basics of setting up your account. Sessions are $225 and can be held at your offices (if you’re located in Kansas City) or online. Contact us at to schedule your Basic Training session. 


Basic Certification

Marketers using the emfluence Marketing Platform who have already had basic training and/or have spent six to twelve months using the emfluence Marketing Platform are ready to take a deeper dive with our full-day emfluence Marketing Platform Certification class. With Basic Certification, you’ll learn how to use just about every tool available to you, demonstrated through eight exercises, building real marketing campaigns during the class. Plus, we infuse the day with best practices, design tips, and campaign ideas you can start using right away. In Basic Certification, you’ll learn:

-Opt-in & Welcome Series Automation
-Content Planning & Cross-Channel Calendar
-Advanced Email Design Techniques
-Automated Series & Workflows
-A/B Split Testing with Scientific Results
-Dynamics Groups & Query Builder
-Variables & Variable Content
-Landing Pages & Modals
-Template Builder
-Reporting & Analytics
-Listening & Learning Feedback Surveys


Advanced Certification

Take your emfluence Marketing Platform skills to the next level of awesome with Advanced Certification for B2B Marketers. Featuring activities frequently requested by our users, this course will help you learn how to create, build, and track B2B-specific marketing campaigns in the emfluence Marketing Platform. This course is best suited for emfluence Marketing Platform users who have attended a regular Certification in the past 24 months. In B2B Advanced Certification, you’ll learn:

-Creating Whitepaper/Content Download Nurture Campaigns
-Alternate Ending Surveys for Customer Feedback & Review Request Campaigns
-Using Variable Sales Data for Post-Sale Communications
-Event Management with the emfluence Marketing Platform
-Repermission Campaigns & List Cleanses


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