This story starts with t-shirts.


From our A/B Test t-shirts to our I Opted In to Get This Bag totes, emfluence has a long history of spinning digital marketing lingo into apparel. We like puns and we like marketing, and if we’re going to wear shirts anyway, why not have some fun with our brand? Turns out we’re not the only ones who like our shirts, and for years people have asked us: how can I get one of those shirts for myself?


So we did something a little crazy. We built ourselves an ecommerce t-shirt shop.


There’s something to be said for diversifying services, but adding a t-shirt shop to our mix of digital marketing and marketing automation software? People must think we’re off our rocker.


In truth, our t-shirt shop is the answer to a question we’ve been asking ourselves of late: how do you make digital marketing experiential?


Where T-Shirts Meet Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is the idea that you’re creating more than a call to action—you’re creating an experience. Something memorable and fun that your audience wants to engage with and enjoys engaging with beyond the bounds of service + customer.


Experiential marketing is the current hot topic for consumer brands, where you can create a direct and memorable connection to a product through a tangible experience. Easy if you’re in retail, but for a B2B service provider, yeah, that’s a little tougher. In general, a B2B marketing model focuses on education (i.e., white papers and blogs) or identification of a business need (i.e., hi, I can help you with a specific service and you will SAVE TIME or SAVE MONEY). It’s rare that you would want to “experience” a sales process in a way that’s truly creating brand engagement or loyalty—and hey, we B2B marketers understand that. You’re here for the services, not the entertainment.


But you know what? Sometimes the best way to understand something is to experience it—and that’s where our t-shirt shop comes in handy.


We’re Not Here to Sell You T-Shirts…

…even if you really can buy one from our shop (and yes, you can). The t-shirt shop exists to show off how we can support ecommerce marketing for your clients. In this case, we want to show you how to create an abandoned cart experience using email and ecommerce. Why abandoned cart strategy? On average, more than ¾ of online carts are abandoned—but automate a good abandoned cart email strategy on the other end of your shopping cart, and you could bring back some of those dollars. It’s low effort and high return—a marketer’s dream.


Here’s how it works:

  • We built an ecommerce piece of our website, the Yes, it actually manages inventory, product variations, shipping logistics, etc.
  • Using the emfluence Marketing Platform, we created an automated email series that pulls contacts from the ecommerce site into our Platform based on:
    1. Did that person start a cart?
    2. Did that person abandon that cart?
  • From there, most of the work takes place in the emfluence Marketing Platform. Each email sent is a template of what an abandoned cart email should contain. Using the data from the ecommerce site, we determine if the cart is abandoned, then:
    1. One hour later, the contact gets an email with an offer to come back to the cart.
    2. 48 hours, if still abandoned, the contact gets a second offer to come back to the cart.
    3. If, after five days, the cart is still abandoned, the contact gets a final offer to come back and buy something else.
  • If the contact buys a shirt at any point in time, that contact is automatically entered into a post-sale email series.


Based on goals and ad targeting, we’ve also added in remarketing ads for Google and Facebook—each designed to draw contacts back to their incomplete cart.


Want to try it out yourself? It’s easy—just select a shirt from, and get started.




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